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Our Story

Dharma Life, is an organisation that delivers quality products and services for social impact and drives comprehensive social development, through its rural entrepreneur network. It starts by inspiring and preparing rural youth to become entrepreneurs. This human network of entrepreneurs builds trust and respect within the community, which allows them to go beyond delivery of products to rally community involvement for social development.

Dharma Life involves partners, on-ground development organizations and Government from the initial stages of any initiative and therefore enables collective participation for inclusive progress.

Our Causes

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  • Health, Hygiene & Sanitation

    Health, Hygiene & Sanitation

    In India, 89% of the nation’s rural population lives in households that lacks toilets. This absence of proper sanitation presents public health challenges, and affects Indian women disproportionately. Rural women have to go to the extent of using unhygienic substances such as old rags and leaves which has led to poor menstrual hygiene and reproductive diseases.
  • Education


    An estimated 8.1 million children are out of school, from which 27% children dropout between Class 1st and 5th, 41% before reaching Class 8th, and 49% before reaching Class 10th. Dharma Life has partnered with local governments and private schools in villages with a mission to educate children on a large scale, and spread awareness about clean energy solutions such as benefits of using a solar lantern over a kerosene lantern.
  • Access to Clean Energy

    Access to Clean Energy

    In India, 400 million people live without the distinct advantages offered by modern lighting of any kind. Lack of access to lighting adversely impacts the health, safety, education and livelihood of people. The use of kerosene, which is the primary source of lighting for such households, has an adverse impact on their health and lifestyle as it is both expensive as well as polluting.
  • Livelihood & Lifestyle


    While most, organisations are working towards taking the products from the urban market to the rural, there is a need to establish a distribution chain of products from rural to urban.


    In India, 24.3 million rural households earn their livelihood from self-employment in non-agricultural occupations.
  • Indoor Air Pollution

    Indoor Air Pollution

    In India, it is estimated that 58% of people use solid fuel for cooking and heating, and around 400 million people in India (of which 90% are women) are exposed to the negative health impacts associated with indoor air pollution from inefficient cook-stoves resulting in respiratory, pulmonary and vision problems.
  • Nutrition


    43% of Indian children under five years are underweight, and 48% are stunted due to chronic undernutrition. India accounts for more than 3 out of every 10 stunted children in the world . These are just few of the problems that are attributed by under nutrition prevailing in the country.